Get to know the work of Zsolt Hlinka, the photographer of Focus Gallery: all of our pictures capture the reality seen by him.
We have sorted the artworks of our gallery by their themes and exclusivity, so you can easily find the perfect match that fits your imagination!

Will it blend into the enterior?

If you have a question, ask for our visual design service! If you send us photos of the decorable wall surface by e-mail with the name of the selected image, our staff will prepare you the digital illustration to help you find the right piece of art.
E-mail: info@focusgallery.hu


Parliament inside No.6 – Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


Horizon No.5 -Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


Andaman Sea No.1 – Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


Bright Forest -Limited collection, Limit: 10, signed


Manhattan No.5 – Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


Long Way No.1 – Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


Pier – Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


Alone No.1 – Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


Auditorium No.1 – Limited collection, Limit: 25, signed


In our gallery we pay special attention to the artistic quality of the works and their technical implementation.

What does this mean? Beautiful colors and durable artwork because we do not get less!


There is no compromise in our quality: the prints are made with the most widely accepted technology, using Canson Baryta Photographique papers. The modern method of Giclée printing produces accurate and long lasting works meeting the highest requirements of artists, collectors and museums.


The premium-grade photo prints mentioned above are also available to be mounted on a 3 mm aluminum sheet. Each artwork is equipped with a special hanging frame, which if paired with a stable suspension, produces a unique effect, as if the “floats” on the wall.


If you are looking for absolute perfection, be sure to choose this type of finishing! The acrylic glass surface increases the color depth and intensity of the photograph, also while being UV stable and lighter than traditional glass.

Aluminum Print

Direct printing on the brushed aluminum sheet is one of the most spectacular techniques. Essentially the photograph appears directly on the aluminum surface, thus preserving the metallic shine of the material, providing additional effects to the image. Besides its aesthetics, its durability is also outstanding, so by choosing this technique the artwork is guaranteed to be timeless.

You can even order our photographs online!

While we recommend meeting in person, if it is not possible, you can easily purchase our pictures from the webshop. Each piece is accurately described with dimensions, features, prices, payment and delivery terms. Do you have any questions about online shopping? Let us know!

Bring the fascinating forms of nature into your home or office: photographs depicting the sea, the mountains and the greenery fields can make any interior feel like home. For example, the list includes not only the pieces from our popular Balaton-series, but also some excellent artworks made in Italy, or in tropical landscapes.

One of the main themes of our gallery is the city, including the symmetry created by buildings and different community spaces. Photographs include the distinctive forms of Budapest, New York, Paris and many other major cities. Whether you are a world traveler and want be reminded of places you’ve been to, or as a lover of modern or classic architecture, this list is recommended to you!

If the special compositions of colors and shapes capture your attention in contrast to the actual representation, choose from the abstract works of our gallery. Amongst these pictures you can find touches of the city and the nature as well, so be it a youthful urbanist home or an elegant, classical interior, you will surely find the photographs which fit your ideas.

Apart from their themes, the works of our gallery are also organized according to their rarity and their artistic achievements. Our first category, Exclusive Collection features a number of outstanding photographs that have earned professional recognition on international competitions. A good example would be our Urban Symmetry series, which has been awarded in the architecture category for the Sony World Photography Awards 2017.

As the name of the collection reveals, the photographs here are limited in a pre-defined number of copies, and at the back of the pictures you can find the number of pieces available. With regard to topics, you can choose from all three of the categories listed above, so nature lovers, the notorious urbanists and abstract art lovers can surely find the piece they looking for.

Art should be available for everyone – our Open Collection has been created in this spirit! Although the quality and artistic value of these photographs, of course, represents a remarkably high level even in this category, our aim was to set affordable prices for more widespread availability.