Creating a home simply – put pictures on the walls!

We recommend most of our images to be placed in homes and offices. This involves not only being able to see and fall in love with a piece of work, but also to think about the space we would like to install it in later on. A photo that has been carefully chosen can combine the various elements of the home, topping off the composition that is made from the different furniture, materials and colors.

Below, we’ll show you interiors in which we put our gallery’s outstanding creations and tell you, what guidelines we used to select these pieces.

1. The church of the urbanists

The decisive elements of the black and white interior are the huge, intertwined surfaces that are formed by the typical materials of urban construction: metal, concrete and plastic. To compensate for the homogenous elements, we chose a piece with rich detail that also carries the urban style. The picture takes on the sleek elegance of the apartment, but the red light has a playful element with the same colored chair. 

This photograph is a member of Urban Symmetry, click to see the picture and other creations of the series:

2. The bohemian Scandinavian home

Our second interior is another clean space, but has a totally different kind of the atmosphere. The characteristics of the popular Scandinavian style are the use of different wood and fabric surfaces, the playful design and the “elegant” homelyness. The color scheme is also decisive: the unity of whites, blues and browns are cut only by one or two smartly placed vibrant surfaces. The picture placed in the interior with the numerous shades of blue fits perfectly into the harmony mentioned above, and makes a great composition with the same colored sofa. 

The creation is a member of the Balaton series, see the picture and the other works of the series:

3. Ethereal elegance

If neither exaggerated minimalism nor bohemian homage is close to your heart, our third entourage will certainly appeal to you: the pleasant, black-and-brown-colored space is made cozy with beige carpets and golden cushions, but the main decoration of our room is definitely Auditorium No.6. The elegant photograph portrays gold and noble materials. It creates unity with the furniture, and radiates a unique and elegant emission. 

This piece is a member of the Auditorium series, view the picture and other creations of the series:

4. A place for the lovers of organic forms

For our fourth topic, we’ve chosen the perfect harmony of organic and artificial forms. The contrast between the homogeneous pure white walls with the warmer colored drapery, furniture and plants creates a cozy, yet modern interior, which is crowned by our nature-inspired photograph, Wild No.3. The abstract artwork highlights wood surfaces, and appears fresh, elegant. 

This artwork is taken from the “Wild” series, see this picture and the other creations in the series:

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