Explore Italy’s hidden treasures with the Focus Gallery!

The most popular pieces of our gallery capture the beautiful Italy: among the photographs you will find the soft waves of Mediterranean hills, the colorful rooftops and the charming streets. These images undeniably bring sunshine to your home and make any space cozy. In our latest blog post we show 8 pieces of the series.

Photographs inspired by nature

Smuggle the endless tranquility of nature into your home with our landscapes! The scenery of a vibrant, blooming countryside creates a welcoming atmosphere even in modern, clean interiors. The pictures can be installed on their own, but they are also great as a set.

Tip: Combine wall paintings with wood surfaces, natural materials and live plants!

For lovers of Italian architecture

Whether you are in the mood of rural villages or in the diverse form of larger cities, you can find what you are looking for in our gallery! Due to the richness of detail of the colorful images, it is desirable to choose the wall art in large sizes to give them space to create their own mood.

Tip: Architectural forms should be displayed at other points of the apartment, such as lampshades and vases that resemble the shape of the domes.

Pictures for urbanists

The last two works of our article are a great addition to the modern, youthful spaces: they harmoniously fit with the other pieces of the interior, creating a fresh, vibrant effect with their clever visual worlds.

Tip: Both Italy No.2 and Venice No.1 are worthy to choose on an aluminum plate that adds a special metal effect to the wall art, further enhancing their modern look.

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