4 photography for lovers of Paris

The French capital is a favorite of many, which is not surprising: beautiful buildings, cozy cafes, charming streets easily enchant visitors. Among the works of our gallery there are also many photographs that capture Paris: in today’s article, we selected the pictures of the iconic element of the city, the Eiffel Tower.

Paris No.1

The first piece of the series is a stunning Parisian view. The photography can be divided into two parts: the orderly forms of buildings are sharply separated from the waving surfaces of the sky and the two are linked by the graceful lines of the Eiffel Tower.


Compared with the former, the second picture of our article invokes a more dynamic and bohemian mood: looking at the tower and the colorful carousel in the night lights, we can imagine ourselves in the bustling city itself.

Eiffel No. 1

Our third chosen image focuses exclusively on structures and symmetries. Leaving the urban mood behind it, it looks at the architectural aspect of the iconic tower, which metal, static elements are in an exciting parallel with the organic forms of the sky.

Eiffel No. 2

The last photography of our article is probably the most exciting piece of the show. The abstract creation looks at the building from a completely new perspective: it has the effect of looking at a kaleidoscope.


All of the images should be chosen with an aluminum sheet carrier because the metallic glitter gives an inimitable extra effect to the elements of the tower.

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