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Most of the photographs in our gallery cover three themes: city, nature, and abstract form. Want to look behind the scenes? Read our article in which we present the three categories and most popular pieces.

1. City

Our artist, Zsolt Hlinka, is a real urbanist looking for the astonishing and hidden symmetries of the city with passion. In pictures depicting the special elements of domestic and international architecture, he mostly plays with the composition: looking for the connection of forms and colors instead of showing the buildings in their function.

2. Nature

Sometimes we have to leave behind the city’s fast-paced rhythm ourselves: so does our artist. The silent, majestic images perfectly illustrate the tranquility of nature. In this category, the protagonists are the huge masses of water, mountain ranges and green-lush plants.

3. Abstract

You can see twisted and alternative realities through the abstract works of our gallery: let the unknown, yet familiar places and moods capture you!

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