Let us introduce to you our Horizon series!

New week, new photo exhibiton: the selected series this time is the Horizon, featuring the air, earth and water. The works show different landscapes in different seasons and times of day: we can see photographs with vivid sunset, stormy evening scenery and Mediterranean sunshine in the midst of the day. The common ground is the decisive, permanent composition that sets the variety of colorful images into a single set.

Harmony and balance

In our gallery, symmetry is a recurring element, which also appears on the Horizon images. Unlike in the urbanist pieces, however, they are much softer and finer in shape: blurred, muted bands that are shaped by the sky and reflected in the water. The peculiarities of the pictures are thus given by the skillfully captured natural symmetries and orderly elements.

Fine abstraction

Although on the photographs the water, land, clouds or even the sky are well recognizable, the creator does not portray them in the well-known form. Rather he breaks it down to their parts and focuses on the relationship between colors, contrasts, blurry, or sharp lines.

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