Returning star of our gallery: the Balaton

Water, and especially the Hungarian sea is a belowed topic amongst the pictures in our gallery. The photos show the thousand faces of Lake Balaton. In todays article we have collected the most popular pieces and the stories behind them.

Pier – sophisticated elegance

Our Pier is for symmetry lovers: the perfection of the metal and wood elements placed in the clean, massive water mass creates a pervasive effect that is broken exclusively by the organic waves of mountains and clouds. The far horizon, static elements and homogeneous surfaces capture the glorious beauty of the Balaton in a single moment. This photograph is limited to 10 pieces in our gallery.

Blue Ribbon – Blue Ribbon

There is no need to introduce the famous sailing competition: the decisive events of the Balaton life are the various sporting events, such as the blue ribbon. On the photograph, this time however, the movement and dynamics are not centered, but the craftmenship and the surfaces are. The uniqueness of the picture is enhanced by it being printed on a metal surface, that gives the image a metallic glitter.

Balaton No.4 – harmony of colors and shapes

The fourth piece of the series presents a popular moment at Lake Balaton: at sunset. The specialty of this photograph is that it tends towards abstraction: in the composition only the artistic conditions of the shapes and colors dominate. The image is a piece of our open collection, so it’s unlimited in our gallery.

Balaton No.6 – A classic sight

The sixth piece of our series about the Hungarian Sea depicts a well-known side of Lake Balaton: the combination of the defining forms, lines, colors and moods is completed by the beautiful composition and the harmonic color palette.


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