The Urban Symmetry series has won the ArtHungry Audience Award!

The artist of our gallery, Zsolt Hlinka, has recieved another honorable recognition: this time he won the first place from the audience in the most well known competition of performing artists. This was the second time that the ArtHungry Prize was held, and this time, artists were invited to take part in the photo and film category to be able to recieve the gold tetrahedron.

The purpose of this site is to promote Hungarian art and to create a platform for truly valuable works and creators. In the year 2016, the ArtHungry Prize was founded, which is divided into several categories,  and it is handed out several times a year. Winners of the awards are selected by highly acclaimed national experts and specialists, thus ensuring the highest level of quality.

Members of the community can also take part in this process, as most of the votes cast by them are also awarded by the ArtHungry team, this time this award was won by one of the most popular series of our gallery, Urban Symmetry.

Let us show you the pictures!

The photographs depict the buildings on the riverbank of the Danube, and they are isolated from their surroundings into a noiseless, homogeneous space. But the pictures are more than just simple building photographs: if we look at them closely, we can discover that they reflect mirrored details, artificial symmetries. The resulting fictional buildings give the special portraits that embody Budapest’s form and architectural features.

The series won the first prize in the Architecture Professional category on the Fine Art Photography Awards in 2016 and became a finalist in the Sony World Photography Awards in 2017.

The photographs can be purchased in our gallery in limited edition, and you can even buy them online.

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